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Meet our Staff and Leadership Team

Nominating Committee

The nominating committee is responsible for putting forth candidates for any open positions on our Church Council or committees.  If you are interested in finding out more about how you can participate more by volunteering to help govern this church, please contact a member of the Nominating Committee. 

2022 members are:  Trish Grinnell email Trish   and Wayne Hileman  email Wayne


Rev. Dr. Robyn Gray


Email Pastor Robyn


Rick Haverly

Our Moderator presides over all meetings of the Church Council and of the Congregation.  He has varied responsibilities regarding the governance of this church.  This is a volunteer position with a term of 3 years.  The current vacancy has 2 years remaining in the term.

Vice Moderator/ Stewardship Chair

Sara Osborne

Our Vice-Moderator and Stewardship chair sits on the Church Council.  This person serves as backup for the Moderator's duties and also is responsible for managing financial stewardship of this congregation, and in particular the annual stewardship campaign.  This is a volunteer position with a term of 3 years.



Michelle Gorra

Email Michelle

Michelle is the chief financial officer of the Church, and ex-officio member of the finance committee.  She sits on the Church Council, providing periodic reports and details to the Council and congregation regarding financial activity and oversees the Bookkeeper.  The Treasurer is a volunteer position.

Office Manager

Kathleen Sauvageau

  Send Email  •  (860)868-0569

Email Kathleen

Kathleen is the go-to person for all things First Church, both administrative and financial. Call her at the office or email her for any questions you might have about upcoming services and events, or if you have questions about pledging or giving.


Henrietta Small, Judie Gorra


Our Clerks manage minutes for our Council and Congregational meetings and assist the Office Manager when needed.

Lead Worship Deacon

Dan Lovallo

Email Dan

Deacon Dan is our Lead Deacon for Worship related matters.  You can direct questions, comments or suggestions about worship at this church to him.

Lead Pastoral Care Deacon

Wayne Hileman

Email Wayne

Wayne is our Lead Pastoral Care Deacon and is a primary contact to report any special needs of members.

Chair, Trustees

Ben Grinnell

Email Ben

Ben manages our facilities (Meeting House, Parish House, Woodruff House apartment building, and grounds for all.)  It is a big job!  He works with Al Trowbridge, our sexton, to keep these buildings in good repair.  He sees to it that we are good stewards of the property that has been entrusted to us.  As Trustee, Ben sits on the church council, is also a volunteer with a term of 3 years.


Al Trowbridge

Email Al

Al keeps our Meeting House and Parish House clean and in good working order and attends to other maintenance issues as needed.  He opens and closes the buildings Monday through Friday and on Sundays.

Chair, Christian Education

Millie Johnson

Email Millie

Millie is our Christian Education Chair.  She coordinates the activities of the Christian Education Team, is a general advocate for Christian Education in our congregation and sits on the Church Council.  This position has a 3 year term.

Director of Christian Education

Carrie Loyd

Email Carrie

Find out more about our Christian Education programs on the Christian Education Page.

Chair, Finance

Rory Murray


The Finance Chair works with the Church Finance Committee focusing on long term investments and keeps the Church Council apprised of the health of these investments.

Chair, Missions

Anne Low

Email Anne at:


Anne leads our Missions activity at this church and sits on the Church Council.  Refer to our Missions page for more information about this important work.  This is a volunteer role with a term of 3 years.

Chair, Music

Open Position


The music chair is responsible for our music programs, coordinating with the Pastor and Musician, and sits on the Church Council.  It is a volunteer position with a 3 year term.

Organist/ Choir Director

Jesse Ofgang

Email Jesse

Chair, Personnel

Eddie Mathews