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Judea Journal January Issue - Ushering in 2017

Happy New Year to all! 

The Judea Journal issue of 2017 is available now on our website by clicking HERE.  So many new things coming this year!  The new year begins in the Meeting House with our worship service this Sunday at 10 am as we celebrate the baptism of Charlotte Brower as well as communion. 

On January 3rd we commence the renovations of our Meeting House!  January 8 and throughout January and February we get cozy and casual as our worship services will be held in the church hall.  This new venue will provide interesting and new ways to worship together.  Read more about what is coming up and recent news as well as some photo memories of our Travelers’ Christmas and Christmas Eve services in the Judea Journal.  Note that there is much more in the Journal than is reflected in the sidebar announcements this week!

We hope you all are enjoying that unusual time between Christmas and New Years as we shift into 2017 and that any celebrations will be safe and happy ones!

Blessings to all!

Karen Esslinger
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