February 2020  
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Judea eNews for May 31 - Judea Journal JUNE Supplement is released!

Judea eNews for May 31 - Judea Journal JUNE Supplement is released!

Dear Friends,

    The Judea Journal June newsletter supplement is newly released and ready for you!  Download now to read Pastor Cheryl's monthly letter plus some of the usual reminders on Sunday morning ministry schedules, June calendar, and special upcoming events.

    There is lots of hustle and bustle around the church this week!  As I write this, Dick Connor is picking up the wonderful food that our members and friends have donated for dinner at Loaves & Fishes Hospitality House this afternoon.  Several others will be joining him to setup, serve and cleanup today.  Thank you to all who participate in this important ministry!  And the Council has been preparing their reports for the Annual Meeting this Sunday after worship.  Tonight they will be meeting, yet again, to review the budget that our Finance Committee most diligently completed just this week.  Are we ready for vacations yet?

     Not so soon... since we are also preparing for the GREEN FAIR slated for Saturday, July 14.  The whole fair will run from 9 am to 2 pm and as usual we are going to need "all hands on deck"!  Donations, donations, donations... are already pouring in.  If you've offered to help Ben Grinnell by picking up Silent Auction items from local merchants, please do so as soon as possible or contact him if you can lend a hand.

     Yes, we continue to be blessed in so many ways every day!  Not seeing those blessings?  Or maybe you do and just want to celebrate and give thanks... This Sunday, we continue our new series called "Blessed to Me" and will be focusing on everyday blessings.  It is not, however, every day that we get to welcome new members into our church.  And we will be doing that, too, this Sunday.  And after the service, the six new members (Jean Baldwin and David Beckstrom, John Gomes and Raul Melgoza, Molly Leonard, and Anne Low) will be able to vote in the Annual Meeting that will follow.  Guests, of course, are welcome but must be members to vote.  There WILL be child care graciously provided by Carrie Loyd during the meeting for those who need it.

     We can extend those blessings to victims of disasters, natural and man-made, throughout the world by giving to the United Church of Christ's annual One Great Hour of Sharing offering that will be taken on Sunday.  Members and regular attenders will receive an appeal letter in the mail this week but whether or not you do, your contributions will be welcomed.

     If you have not gotten your tickets to the All-Church Prom on June 9 hosted by our Youth Group, there is still a bit more time but hurry!  Emelie and Mike Burl have your tickets all ready and waiting for you to purchase on Sunday after the service.  Or if you won't be here on Sunday, contact Emelie by email to make other arrangements for buying yours.  The next day, Sunday, June 10, will be our annual Youth Sunday and Confirmation organized and presented by the young people in our church (Pastor Cheryl still presiding!).  All children will remain in the service so this is a great time to be sure to bring your kids to church!!! 

     There are a few other important announcements in the list on the right, so please do make a point of reading through. 

     Blessed be your day and week ahead!

Karen Esslinger
First Congregational Church | admin@firstchurchwashingtonct.org | www.FirstChurchWashingtonCT.org | Calendar


Meeting House Flower Pots

Have you noticed the flowers on the Meeting House apron (porch)?

They are a gift in memory of deceased members of our New Beginnings family Arthur Kass, Dana Gibson, David Cregeau, Dick Mason, Ed Thompson, Eddie Munson, Estelle Bronson, Jean Potter, Joyce Browne and Kevin Hawks.

Car Thefts in Washington - Lock your car

We were asked by local police to remind everyone to lock your cars and remove the keys!

There have been 4 car thefts in Washington since May 13.  In each case, the car was in the owners' driveway, unlocked and with keys in the vehicle. 

Soldier Boxes - Donations needed by FRIDAY

"The Town Hall Gang" sends two boxes to military personnel stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan every week.  One box is for personal care items and the other is for food items.  They send to a variety of troops - some with connection to people in Washington and others are total strangers.

Note: Remember that we cannot send aerosol cans so shaving cream must be in tubes.

Our Airman for Friday June 1, 2018

Kevin Suarez
Attn: Any Airman®
332 AEW EMXS/Specs
Unit # 61803
APO AE 09321-1803

Airman's Title: Aviation Electrician (E&E)

Added here: 16 May 2018
Expected to leave Undisclosed: 01 Nov 2018
Contact for approx number of Males: 53, Females: 0

16 May 2018:


I'm part of an F-15 maintenance unit deployed to an undisclosed location for OPSEC. I'm an Aviation Electrician attached to a specialist flight. Our living conditons are as follows:

  • We are at a small Army/Air Force base
  • We have split conditon living of tents (10-20 man, and 1-2 man trailers for NCOs and higher)
  • We have 220v power at trailers and work, and 110v in tents.
  • We have a very limited px with basic need items and a few other items
  • We have a community fridge and microwave at work
  • We have no cooking options so healthy snacks are limited

This is my 5th deployment but for a lot of my guys this is their first. We work out on the line day and night making sure we always have jets in the air to support ground troops. We do have down days as we support the flying schedule and demand for support. I would like to try and improve their morale with your help. I have asked around and below is a list of items that are greatly appreciated.

  • Sun screen
  • Snacks:nuts,beef jerky, girl scout cookies, chips and dips, zebra cakes, hot Cheetos with lime or any hot chips, and honey buns
  • Drink mixers: crystal light (with caffeine if possible)
  • 5 hour energy drinks
  • Protein bars
  • Sun glasses
  • Workout supplements (BCAAs, pre-workout, protein powder)
  • We would love a keurig or coffee pot
  • Coffee
  • Stick velcro strips
  • Flashlights or battery powered xmas lights for porta potty runs
  • For recreational fun:
  • Ping pong paddles and balls
  • Headphones
  • Cigars
  • Magazines
  • Dvds
  • 1000 piece puzzles/wooden or metal brain teasers
  • Posters or things to hang up would be cool to feel at home
  • Ps4/nintendo switch games and remotes (any kind)
  • We could also use coyote brown long socks, low ankle black socks, as well as light weight maintenance gloves. Things tends to get hot out so any would do on extremeoutfitters.com

I know it's a big list but anything sent is greatly appreciated, not expected. Thank you so much for your support and I will write back to anyone that leaves me an email

Kevin Suarez


The team normally packs for shipment on Friday evenings upstairs in Town Hall. 

Items can be dropped off weekdays at the Town Hall in Bryant Plaza. Please place items in the upstairs room next to kitchen. 

Click here for lists of items:   General items collected every week - On-going

Contact Denise Arturi if you have any questions about the program or items in

found on a weblist of troops requesting supplies. Also, for shipping purposes, any canned food should be small.

For more information, contact Denise Arturi:  860-868-2880

New Members Welcomed– June 3

On Sunday, June 3, we will be welcoming new members into our church family. If you are interested in joining and have not already told us, please let Pastor Cheryl know, or contact the church office prior to that date.

Pastor Cheryl – email, or 860-868-0569 ex 11

Office – email, or 860-868-0569 ex 10

Call to ANNUAL Meeting - Sunday, June 3

The meeting will be held Refreshments will be available.

  • Approval of minutes from the March 25th Quarterly Meeting
  • Treasurer's Report: Review & vote on annual budget.
  • Review & vote on changes to By-Laws as listed below (changes in italics)
  • Pastoral search committee report
  • Ministry Reports
  • Vote on 2018 Nominating Committee Proposal
  • Green Fair
  • New Business

See you there!  
Trish Grinnell, Moderator

By-Laws Proposed Changes:



C. The Treasurer shall be financially compensated in an amount agreeable to the Treasurer and Council. In the event of a hired Bookkeeper, the Treasurer shall oversee the Bookkeeper, and shall be a volunteer position. The Bookkeeper shall be financially compensated and considered a staff member of the Church.



A. The Finance Committee shall be composed of the Treasurer of the Church, the Bookkeeper if applicable, and three members elected annually by the Church.

2nd Annual All-Church Prom! Sat, June 9

Yes, Church Prom is on June 9th and the theme is Western!!

Grab your cowboy boots, your Stetson hat, and blue jeans, and get ready to ho-down!

Tickets are $10 and will be available during coffee hour. And don't forget to vote for your favorite Prom Royalty couple! Nominations are open!

More details to come.

You don't want to miss this event of the year hosted by our Youth Group! 
Check out some memorable moments from last year:


UCC Southbury Church - Strawberry Festival, Sun June 10

The Annual Strawberry Festival and Strawberry Pie Bake-Off

Sunday, June 10, 2018


Deliver one (1) STRAWBERRY PIE (9” minimum) to The United Church of Christ, Southbury, 283 Main Street North, Southbury, CT between 9:00 a.m.-11:00 a.m. on Sunday, June 10, 2018, in a disposable tin or pie plate marked with your name and phone number.

The contest is opened to the public. Anyone wishing to bake can enter.

All pies must be homemade! No bakery or store bought pies/fillings can enter.

All varieties of STRAWBERRY pies are welcome.

Judging begins at 11:00 a.m. Winners will be announced at 12:00 p.m.

JUDGING: All pies will be scored based on appearance, crust, filling and overall taste by a panel of three judges and then will be sold at the Festival Bake Sale by the slice.

PRIZES: The top 3 pies with the highest scores will win fun prizes!

Questions: Call Anne Westerman @ 203-262-6981 or Amy Gulick @ 203-267-1791

Green Fair News!

Green Fair donations have started to roll in!  Why don't you pitch in and donate some goodies?  And while you're at it, have you signed up to help on, before, or after the Green Fair day?  Why wait?  You can do it now by contacting Michael Gorra by email.

Click here for information on what and how you can donate:  http://washingtongreenfair.tumblr.com/donate.

Or click on the image below for a larger, more readable version of this year's announcement.

Judea Garden Volunteer Opportunities

Welcome to the 2018 gardening season!

Volunteers are the backbone of Judea Garden. Without them, the Garden would not be able to provide fresh produce to those in need.

There are so many ways to help, whether in the Garden itself, helping with distribution or doing supportive work that keeps the Judea Garden project going. There’s a place for every volunteer to use their skills or develop new ones.

Our church sponsors the broccoli crop and is coordinated by Judie Gorra.  If you wish to give her a hand in any way and any amount of time, please contact her today!

Go to http://www.steeprockassoc.org/judea-garden/judea-garden-volunteers/ for a list of opportunities.  Or you may contact Judie Gorra (860.868.7852), by email. or Denise Arturi (Denise.Arturi@steeprockassoc.org).

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