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  December 2019  
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Green Fair!!! All sorts of news...


     First and foremost - COME TO THE FAIR!  Help out, have fun, buy things, bid high, help out some more, have some more fun, buy more things and bid high!       Eat, drink cold drinks, and be merry!

    We still need more pop-up tents, believe it or not.  The big ones are up on the Green but apparently, we are going wall-to-wall!  (Or curb to curb, as the case may be.)  Contact Michael or Louise if you can lend us yours.

    The Books are pretty much ready to go as is the Boutique, and the White Elephant is almost done...  That is, except for linens (tablecloths, bespreads, sheets, towels, napkins, etc.)  That department is looking for anyone with some knowledge of what is what there to help the pricing process.  Please contact Michelle Gorra if you can help with this or just stop by today or tomorrow.

    Friday is furniture day!  And I KNOW they need some help.  The time set for transferring furniture from the Parish House to the Green is set for 1:30 pm.  Please come by at that time if you can help.  If you can only come in the morning, contact Michael Gorra or Louise van Tartwijk.  They can probably find some way for you to help.

   Oh... and did I say COME TO THE FAIR!  Help out, have fun, buy things, bid high, help out some more, have some more fun, buy more things and bid high!     Eat, drink cold drinks, and be merry!

    And when it is all over, please join us this Sunday for our worship service for a bit of rest, rejeuvenation, and upliftment. And... if you can, stay for a little bit and help organize the leftovers in the hall for the second tag sale on the 22nd.  They have a few people to staff the sale that day but if you are available, they could use more.  Tell Mike Gorra or just stop by from 9 am to noon on the 23rd. 

    This year may indeed be the biggest and best Green Fair ever.  And it could not be that without the army of all of you and community members who donate, sort, price, move, lift, solicit donations, bake, pot up plants, make flower arrangements, take care of the financial matters and logistics and setup and cleanup ... I am sure I am leaving something out but definitely everyone deserves a huge thank you.  Now come to the fair and have FUN.

We're looking forward to seeing you often over the next few days!

Karen Esslinger
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